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Unfortunately, however, it requires the most programming intervention. How to adapt your business to the reality of COVID- ? Ideas worth considering Piotr Malyszko March , You will read in ~ min. covid- business COVID- is the biggest challenge we will face in the coming months. Not only in health, but also in economic terms. Our lives are faster than gradually moving online. That is why it is so important for businesses to adapt to the current situation as soon as possible and focus on the user, his nes and sense of security. Impact of COVID- on various industries – first insights.

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We will not discover America by writing that there are industries that, regardless of location, were the first to feel the negative effects of the coronavirus. As confirm by statistics from Poland and the world, these are tourism and hotel industry, service Andorra Email List sector mainly offline, events and automotive as shown by the example of China, where sales dropp by after the virus appear. However, we strongly believe that these industries will quickly catch up with the integration of their representatives to counter the crisis and the increase in demand when the situation normalizes.

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In the case of the service or event industries, we notice that more and more companies are moving their activities online, which perfectly matches the expectations of users and can bring them many benefits in the long term. However, there are many more industries that, as reports from the world show, are stable and at the moment no significant changes BU Leads in the demand for their products are expect, unless growth The situation in the world is changing dynamically, but taking into account the evolving nes of people and the dozens of domestic and foreign publications we have analyz, it can be assum that online commerce is and will continue to do well.

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