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COVID- csr shares covid- Source s.moneygospodarkapolska-marka-odziezowa-wspiera-walke-z-koronawirusem-recman-uruchamia-masowa-produkcje-maseczek- a.html Remember panicking at this point will not help us, and it will definitely hurt. Now we have the opportunity to start activities for which there was no time before or simply – we constantly postpon them for later … It is worth considering the actions that other companies are now introducing, promotions, free delivery or extend return time. Let’s also build a community around our brand. After the end of the current situation – it will pay off with an increase in loyal customers.

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Let’s also remember to support each other – let’s show solidarity to those who are on the front line. The cover of the entry comes from pl.freepik Sempai Shop with Google CSS Partner status! Sempai March , You will read in ~ min. Sempai Shop with Aruba Email List Google CSS Partner status We are one of two Polish SEM agencies whose price comparison websites have the status of Google CSS Partner! In order to receive it, we had to meet a number of technical requirements, as well as have a minimum of document implementations in our clients’ product campaigns. CSS Sempai Shop CSS Sempai Shop is part of Sempai Merchant – our proprietary system that allows you to run advanc product campaigns.

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The solution combines proven and effective methods of campaign segmentation and optimization with Google Ads automation options. More about Sempai Merchant ssempaiofertasempai-merchant- CSS Sempai Shop is a website that groups product offers from e-sellers. At the same time, it allows you to display them in the form of product ads BU Leads on Google, traditionally rirecting clicks directly to the product card in a given online store. Benefits that advertisers derive from using CSS Sempai Shop in PLA CPC rates lower by up to ! Fees for clicking ads “by Sempai” are not burden with any additional technological margin, which is the case with Google Shopping.

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