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Anna Moczulska February , You will read in ~ min. filtering traffic from banks in Google Analytics In , a Polish Internet user spent an average of just over PLN , a month on online shopping . For comparison, in , average monthly expenses in online stores amount to less than PLN on average . With the development of the e-Commerce market, there are not only new opportunities to advertise your products on the Internet, but also new opportunities when it comes to online payments. Not so long ago, we could only pay for our online purchases using traditional transfers or cash on delivery – directly to the courier delivering our purchases.

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Today, buyers can pay for their purchases using fast transfers as well as payment cards, BLIK or e-wallets. However, new opportunities for Internet users often mean new challenges for analysts. Conversion attribution issues A huge part Australia Email List of the revenue generat in online stores by Internet users was register by Google Analytics accounts in , it was estimat that Google Analytics does not collect about of traffic on the websites it is connect to – in extreme cases, GA did not register even of traffic . But how much of that revenue was misattribut to a specific traffic source? There are endless reasons why Google Analytics misattributes conversions.

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However, there is one that we can easily detect and fix ourselves – attributing conversions to the websites of banks and payment gateways. Why are transactions in my shop incorrectly attribut? This is usually due to the fact that we send information BU Leads about the transaction to Google Analytics only after the user has made the payment and then return to the store to the thank you page for the order. Of course, this is not a wrong way to send such information to the tool, but it does cause some problems. Firstly, some users do not return to the store after making the payment, so the transaction is not count by Google Analytics.

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