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Written extensively about landing page optimization techniques as well as creating high converting landing pages. But in this article I want to go back to the basics. If you’re confused by the plethora of .controversial. landing pages my -step guide will help. Let’s start with step . for designing high converting landing pages. Carefully define your target audience When we created KISSmetrics we did not define our target audience.

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I was wrong in thinking that any company that has a website is a potential client of ours. Yeah of course. Don’t try to sell to everyone! I recommend that you clearly define your target market and ideal customer for each product/service you offer. This ensures that your time money and other resources are strategically spent. Picture Rice. General Cash Market Tunisia Phone Number List Served Cash Market Target Market If you’ve launched multiple products that do more than one thing you’ll need a diverse customer base. You will need to create multiple buyer personas to tailor your marketing efforts to each individual segment. Figure Rice. HubSpot Persona Examples I’ve written about creating a reader persona before.

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The process of creating a buyer persona is not much different from it. All elements of your landing page – including your title call-to-action button images and even subtitles – should be designed with your target market and buyer persona in mind. Figure Rice. A subtitle that matches the company’s vision of the target market and buyer persona . Prepare a meaningful and enticing prize for your followers What do you plan to offer in exchange for your potential client’s BU Leads personal data. Your target audience .which you should define in step .should be happy with your gift. Make sure you offer them a meaningful and valuable resource.

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