Make sure that the information on the smartphone screen

Wait a few seconds until the cellphone screen shows. The page for entering the nominal balance you want to top up. After that, press the “Send”, “Top up balance” or “Pay” button on the application. Wait a few moments until the transaction is finished processing. If the transaction is successful, you will receive payment. Confirmation on your cellphone screen or via notification in the application tip. Make sure that the e-money balance application you are using. Is connected to your e-money card. Use to pay tolls drivers use the nfc feature via cellphone to pay tolls. You can also use nfc on your android cellphone. To pay tolls easily and practically.

Following are the steps to use nfc on

An android cellphone to pay tolls.Enable nfc in your phone settings. Download and install a toll payment application that supports nfc. Open the toll Vietnam Phone Number Data payment application and log in to your account. Bring your cellphone close to a toll gate that has the nfc feature. When the notification appears on the phone screen, tap the option to pay with nfc. Bring the back of the cellphone that has nfc close to the toll gate. Make sure your cellphone is within close proximity to the toll gate. Wait a moment until the transaction is finished processing.

Make sure you have sufficient balance

In the toll payment application. Testing the Qatar Phone Number List authenticity of e-ktp to check the authenticity of an e-ktp. With the nfc feature, the steps are as follows: make sure your cellphone. Has the nfc feature and nfc is activated. Download an application that supports checking. The authenticity of e-ktp and open the application installed on your smartphone. Paste your e-ktp in the nfc area on your smartphone. Wait a few seconds until the smartphone reads the information. On the nfc chip on your e-ktp. After that, the information. On the e-ktp will appear on your smartphone screen.

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