The nfc feature can help your business activities

While Matches the information on the physical e-ktp. Your e-ktp can be concluded as genuine. If what is displayed on the smartphone screen matches the information. On your original physical e-ktp. Carrying out business activities.  become more efficient and easier. While Such as marketing or promotions, the nfc feature can be used as a smart poster or brochure. This can increase interaction with potential customers. This way, you no longer need to worry about potential customers losing their paper brochures. So potential losses can be minimized. Or are you carrying out networking activities to. Find business partners? Also read: the most effective.

Promotion method in doing business with networking

Open the door the nfc feature can be used to Indonesia Phone Number Data open doors more easily and efficiently via. Nfc smart tags. While You just need to wave the tag in front of the. Doorknob or tap the card on the doorknob, and the door. Will automatically open. However, currently this technology is still under. Development and not yet fully mature. Wifi scanning a student performs wifi scanning using nfc. Does your school or home wifi have a long and complicated. Wifi password? No need to worry anymore. The nfc feature can be used to facilitate the proces.S of setting up a wi-fi network by scanning.

Simply by touching an nfc-enabled device to the nfc tag

On the wi-fi device, the wi-fi configuration Russia Phone Number List information will be read and the device will automatically. While Connect to the corresponding wi-fi network. However, it is important to know that the wi-fi device. Must support the nfc feature to be able to carry out this scanning. Profile sharing ( profile sharing). While The usefulness of near field communication (nfc) technology for profile sharing lies in its ability to facilitate the quick and easy exchange of personal information, such as contact details, social media profiles and other data. Just by holding. Your cellphone close to products such as nfc business cards and smart tags. While The process of exchanging information between individuals. However’ Businesses or organizations can be done easily anywhere and at any time.

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