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Comparing Swen’s payment preferences with the EMEA Europe, Middle East and Africa region shows some rather peculiar differences. The most popular method chosen by Swes is “Buy now, pay later”. As many as of customers choose this option, while in the EMEA region only . . Swes also like to use: traditional bank transfers , debit cards , electronic wallets . They are the least likely to choose pre-paid services and the “cash on delivery” option. Level of awareness of digital payment methods in Swen Among the digital payment methods offer on the Swish market, the most recognizable and most popular is the Swish service, which allows you to transfer money in real time.

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It is offer by the largest Swish banks, and its operation resembles the well-known BLIK in Poland. Over of respondents declare that they use this Grenada Email List application. The Klarna payment service is also very popular, being chosen by over of respondents. Reasons for choosing different online payment methods in Swen Among the reasons why Swes choose particular payment methods, security and ease of use play a big role. In the case of the Swish service, as many as of respondents indicate ease of use. The same number of respondents choose an invoice as a form of payment for security reasons.

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Bank transfer chooses for security, for ease, but only for spe. Promotion channels in Swen Promotion channels in Swen Source of new brand discovery Research conduct by Hootsuite shows that the largest percentage of Swes ag – – as much as . – indicate BU Leads an Internet search engine as the source of discovering a new brand. Word-of-mouth recommendations came second – they are the source of new brand discovery for . of respondents. TV commercials . and social mia ads . also rank high. Digital Advertising: Spend and year-on-year growth by sub-category Total digital ad spend in Swen in was billion.

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