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We present a portion of good practices. The application of which helps to turn website traffic into conversion and real profits. Contact methods It would seem that it is enough to provide a telephone number or e-mail address anywhere on the website so that a potential customer can contact us. Well, no – this element also needs to be refined and placed in the right location. Especially when we are not a typical mail-order store and we offer our customers services or an expensive assortment. Specialist equipment or catering equipment), a large-size assortment (furniture, construction products) or a complex one (. smart house installations.

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Then we should put special emphasis on this aspect of our website, because we can be sure that the potential client will have additional questions. We can place contact details or forms in various places on the website. They should be marked in a French Email Lists legible and understandable way – . with a telephone or envelope icon. Remember to match these elements to the colors and style (layout) of our website. Of course, you should also design a dedicated “contact” tab to put all the company’s contact details and contact form in one place. Such refined elements will make it easy for users to contact us.

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At the same time, we will increase – so important in business – trust in our store or company. Telephone This element can be placed both in the BU Leads footer and in the header of the page. It is usually placed in the upper right corner. If our store has several different numbers, we should choose the most important one (. to our company’s headquarters), and include the rest in the “contact” tab with a detailed description. checklist cro – contact roletix source: s:.roletix cro checklist – map source: s:.roletixkontakt In the example above, we also see very important information about the hotline’s working hours.

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