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Without a doubt, however, it is the tool of the future and you should start learning it today. Do you remember how long it took you to really understand the mechanics of Universal Analytics? Or are you still discovering this tool? Treat GA as an additional view in your current Analytics and start getting us to it gradually. When the time comes for a full migration to GA – you and your team will be fully ready for it! Intro to SXO: Loading Spe ​​vs. Interaction Spe. Core user-centric performance metrics Piotr Skowronski April , You will read in ~ min. Introduction to SXO What you will find in this article: What is the history of Google updates focus on User Experience.

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Do we still have a mobile-first world or is it mobile-only? Why is interaction spe more important than loading spe? What are user-centric performance Nigerian Email List metrics? What is RAIL and how to use it in the process of website performance optimization? In May , Google again caus quite a stir in the SEO world by announcing that in a year there will be a big update of organic results call Page Experience Update. It is to be bas on information taken from industry research and internal case studies, which clearly show that users prefer sites that care about a positive experience of a potential consumer, not just a random search engine user visiting the site.

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This new set of metrics, which will soon be includ in the ranking signals, is describ in a separate article: Core Web Vitals – prepare for change . However, Core Web Vitals, as well as the entire Page Experience, are just the tip of the User Experience BU Leads iceberg and this is not the first clue from Google signaling in which direction this glacier is heading. Timeline of Google Updates focus on User Experience: Google update timeline – PANDA UPDATE Create and optimize unique and attractive content – PENGUIN UPDATE Avoid link building activities that do not benefit users.

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