So as not to throw money into the trash

Two pages may finish loading at exactly the same time, but one page may appear to load faster (if it loads content incrementally rather than waiting all the way to display anything). The page may appear to load quickly, but then respond slowly (or not at all) to user interaction. So when talking about performance, it’s important to be precise and refer to performance in terms of objective criteria that can be measur quantitatively. These criteria are known as metrics. New-old User Experience orient performance metrics Traditional performance metrics like OnLoadOnReady or DOM Content Load focus on technical details that are easy to measure, but these no longer reflect what users care about.

So As Not To Throw Money Into The Trash

If you’re only optimizing for faster loading times, you may find that you have a fast-loading page that still falls short in terms of user experience. DOM Content Load (DCL) tells you the time that the initial HTML document was completely load and North Korea Email List process, without waiting for stylesheets, images, and subframes to complete loading. OnLoad (OL) the event is fir when the page and its dependent resources have finish loading. OnReady (OR) the event is trigger after loading the page, its resources and processing JS scripts.

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The page may have a fast total load time, but if it blocks rendering until all the content is ready, users will be staring at a blank screen for some time. If clicking buttons doesn’t work because the main thread is overwhelm with JavaScript tasks, they BU Leads may get frustrat even though the page is technically “load”. intro to SXO – page loading Source: s:caliberappblognew-generation-of-performance-metrics In comparison, an example with a page that has a longer total load time, but renders the content gradually and does not block the main thread with excess JavaScript.

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