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The user experience is much better, but just measuring the loading time still won’t tell you that. intro to SXO – progressive content rendering Source: s:caliberappblognew-generation-of-performance-metrics That’s why User-Centric Performance Metrics were creat, which focus on the user’s view of browsing User-Centric Performance Metrics they measure whether and how quickly the page displays useful content, whether users can interact with it, and whether these interactions are smooth and lag-free. Instead of measuring the loading time with just one metric, we should track every moment during use that influences the user’s perception of the loading spe.

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When a user explores our website, they are usually looking for some kind of feback: introduction to sxo – table Real-world performance is highly variable Luxembourg Email List due to, among other factors, differences in user devices and network connections. If you load your site using a wir network connection in your office and compare it to the load using WiFi in a coffee shop, the experience is likely to be very different. There are several types of metrics that are relevant to how users perceive performance: Perceiv loading spe – how fast the page can load and render all its visuals on the screen.

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Load responsiveness – how quickly the page can load and execute the requir JavaScript code so that components can respond quickly to user BU Leads interaction. Real-time response spe – how quickly the page is able to respond to user interaction after loading. Visual stability – Whether elements on the page move in ways that users do not expect and potentially interfere with their interactions. Smoothness – Whether transitions and animations render at the same frequency and transition smoothly from one state to another.

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