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HUMMINGBIRD Create and optimize content that your audience nes and finds useful. EAT Ensure that the website offers expert and authoritative content that can be trust. MOBILE UPDATE, QUALITY UPDATE, RANKBRAIN Focus on mobile content and user experience on mobile pages. Focus on user experience with high-quality content. Make sure your content reflects user intent and is optimiz for contextual search. – MOBILE FRIENDLY . Make sure your website is mobile friendly – FR, SNIPP LENGHT, USER LOCALIZATION Provide more useful content on your website and help users better understand how a search result might be relevant to their query.

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MOBILE-FIRST INDEXING, MIC UPDATE, MOBILE SPE Re-accept the importance of mobile optimization, content, spe and performance of mobile pages. Create more expert and crible content for users – BERT Better understand consumer Lithuania Email List intent with contextual search topics. – PANDEMIC RESPONSE Tailor the results to the behavior of consumers who are looking for relevant content in the jungle of misinformation in the face of a pandemic. – PAGE EXPERIENCE UPDATE AND CORE WEB VITALS (CWV) Focus on ranking factors integrat with the new Core Web Vitals metrics when measuring and improving your website experience.

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The last years have shown that the right question we should ask ourselves today is not “what can the user do for us”, but “what can we do for the user?”. Nowadays, no website is creat solely for desktop devices. The ongoing digitization process and BU Leads changes in the way the Internet is us show that the mobile version is absolutely necessary. Over the last few years, Google search has been constantly shifting the focus between “mobile first” and “mobile only”. So, do websites keep up with the changes that are taking place in the search engine? Mobile-First vs Mobile-Only mobile first vs.

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