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Saturday Olga shows her life and asks universal questions. Additionally the blogger decid not to take any chances and in the first few months after lifting the ban she did not participate in giveaways and recurring activations. by advertising her account through several small influencers. After advertising the blog in the channel and promising free subscription material such as a cheat sheet for ordering ads from the blogger many new followers flood in. Post-ban ‘s first ad campaign was a post promoting how not to fall for scammers.

Olga chose to attract new followers

This post is a semi-expert post but relevant to Mexico Phone Number List many users.  blogger and one follower cost Olga rubles. Olga duc an important scheme for improving the personal image immiately order advertising to a large number of bloggers and provide them in advance with a summary that hurts the target audience. On How to get rid of what to do  visit the page they should see advertising posts and nothing else. At the end of the text it’s a good idea to encourage new subscribers to go to the story and introduce them to the details of the topic diagrams cheat sheets and ready-made solutions.

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After her many new 

Any advertising campaign will end in a BU Leads draw. Finally you should thank subscribers old and new for their participation and activity. Before starting the collaboration. Olga made sure to send the blogger a document with the text of the main paper and the video. Important advice from Olga Berek on choosing a blogger for an advertising campaign. Knowing audience engagement index and post reach is not enough. You ne to know exactly what and how the influencer writes on his page whether your values ​​​​ad.

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