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Staff experts decid to set up traffic to the center and carry out multiple landings for patients’ diseases. In addition the scheme introduces a heat funnel.  customers call the business owner or administrator asking for clarification. After that make a sale. The second clinic has a sales department a system. In this case all traffic from is direct to with the words Learn More. Also the sales department is already involv in the process. Likewise traffic from is sent directly from the group message. The Third Rehabilitation Center has a website.

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To promote its brand and image. Asking the South Korea Phone Number List admin staff answer questions from potential clients and sales often arose during consultations. admins don’t always notice all requests. So shortly after experts creat a detail guide describing where to look for call requests. Depending on the structure of the piece the value was communicat in different ways When promoting the first small clinic we us landing pages rirects engaging content and preheat auto-funnels. The second hub’s marketing campaign has a well-establish sales system with a focus on retargeting outreach emails and small support content.

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We chose this combination because the client BU Leads didn’t really trust the landing page due to past negative experiences and the budget was limit. But its subscription base is very broad. For the third rehab center with promot branding the campaign was built on repositioning and premium content. In this way they capture the existing target audience and support the image of the specialist. The promotion strategies of the three projects are different. The main task of the managers is to choose the most effective strategy within the budget. For rehab the strategy is as follows.

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