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The set of available dynamic parameters will differ depending on the business vertical of the advertise directory. How to run a product catalog ad 1 To run an ad, click Create Campaign and select the Product Catalog objective. 2 Specify the object of advertising – a website or a mobile application – and a catalog of goods that you plan to promote. 3 Choose the type of advertising campaign: lead generation or dynamic retargeting. 4 Set the target action for optimization: views, clicks on ads or conversions.

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Set your bid strategy, ad budget, campaign dates, targeting nees, and create your ads.Automatically generate video creatives for ads Auto-generation of three versions of videos from uploade static creatives and text became available in VK whatsapp mobile number list Advertising February 20, 2023 VK Advertisers who promote websites and communities have access to a new tool for automatically creating video creatives. The platform algorithms allow generating three variants of short videos from the use static creatives and the text of the advertisement. Automatic video generation from static images will allow advertisers to significantly increase their reach without additional investment in creative production.

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The update makes it possible to use all the advantages of the universal ad format: cover the maximum placements on all VK projects, as well as broadcast the video format to those users who respond better to video ads. Thus, you can not only BU Leads reuce the time for creating creatives, but also gain access to a wider audience, for example, VK Video. How video auto generation works The new tool is available when launching advertising campaigns to promote websites and communities. To get auto-generate video creatives, upload your company logo, a 16:9 static image, and fill in the Title and Short Text text boxes during the ad creation step.

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