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a guide to marketing automation ebook Gianluca Diegoli. From the funnel to the customer journey In the Marketing Arena magazine, Gianluca Diegoli wrote, a few years ago, in an article entitled Of funnels and nothing. “In reality, at no time in history has so much of the customer journey been determined. So much by the customer and so little by the companies.” Diegoli then took things further, disavowing, first of all, the “magic” powers of the funnel object . Whose usefulness essentially coincides with its intended function, i.e. “that of describing how we support the customer in the purchase path. With what contents , distributed on which target data and on which instruments.

 The conclusion

that followed was clear and UK Phone Number List decisively shifted the focus. To the elusive and often inscrutable behaviors of consumers. The funnel cannot in any way be used as a prescriptive tool because “never before has the customer journey had so much importance – as well as many methods and data to be analysed. Precisely by marketing, in collaboration with all the other company functions.” Marco Cordioli’s minimal experience In The marketing path for digital transformation . Marco Cordioli speaks instead of minimal experience to indicate. “When a planned succession of contents and interactions acts as a bridge between a need or desire and greater awareness and motivation to purchase.” (And this description seems to refer to that series of instructions channeled into workflows . The workflows that in marketing automation platforms are responsible for the distribution of profiled messages.

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 Cordioli thus

describes the steps through which Hong-Kong Phone Number List the minimal experience takes shape : “the announcement that intercepts a search (A), followed by information that satisfies the need for knowledge (B), followed by the invitation for further information ( C) become a single minimal experience. All passing and finalized contents that move the user from A to B, from B to C and transform him. In form, the structure of a minimal experience always consists of a traffic source, an exchange element and a conversion. Furthermore, it is “important that the message that invites the first action is expected (or relevant), personalized and meaningful”. If at the basis of the success of lead nurturing strategies there is the ability, as we wrote above, to be relevant, it is precisely because, as Diegoli writes, the awareness of the end of the funnel as a graphic representation of self-fulfilling predictions has now developed.


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