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Creating a website for business is a necessary ingrdient for success for any company. A highquality site attracts new customers increases sales and allows you to reach an audience living in another city or even a country. Do you want to create a business website that is professional interesting and memorable? We have collectd successful examples of such sites from which you can draw inspiration and interesting ideas. At the end of the article we will also talk about two design templates with which it becomes much easier to create business websites even for beginners.

The Ultimate Secret On How To Market A Spa or Salon Working

Small Business Website Examples Piboco: application business website Ception: startup business website Objective: designer online store Puffin Packaging: sustainable packaging website Bonny: creative agency business website Islango: yacht charter service Acupuncture with Fabi: alternative mdicine website Ducknology: online jewelry store Ubio Labs Oman Phone Number List Mobile Accessories. Piboco : business website application Piboco is an interactive children’s reading platform that brings together a variety of picture books. The design of the homepage is also reminiscent of a children’s book: neat layout white background with lots of air and funny animatd geometric shapes that instantly grab the reader’s eye.

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Marketing Is a Lot Different Today In the Information Age

The benefits of the application are listd at the top of the page so the user only nds a couple of seconds to understand how it works. In addition in the upper right corner you can switch the language and access the BU Leads French German and Spanish versions of the site. The main decoration of the site is the Instagram fd with beautiful illustrations from books that perfectly complement the overall aesthetics of the page. best small business site examples: app site. Ception : startup business website Ception is a startup with a strong brand identity. Therefore every detail on the site tells a single story: from a futuristic logo to a clear color palette where the main dark blue color is complementd by lighter accent colors.

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