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The scheme us includ: Singular product category name . single-family house project Product attribute . modern Individual project name . Ariel Additional information about the photo . front visualization The first visible changes We introduc the guidelines on domywstylu at the end of . It was the Christmas and New Year’s Eve period, when fewer users visit websites representing our client’s industry. The arrow in the screen below shows the transition time, i.e. the indexation of changes after the introduc scheme. source: Domywstylu – Graphics – Google Search Console A few months after the changes image.

Changing The Business Paradigm

Optimization for Google Graphics – effect of months source: Domywstylu – Graphics – Google Search Console Number of clicks – year-on-year comparison clicks – year on year – optimization effects Google Search Console – comparison to Number Brazil Email List of views – year-on-year comparison impressions – year on year – the effects of image optimization for Google Images Google Search Console – comparison to Effects over months – year-on-year comparison The effects of image optimization for Google Images – Last months – year to year Google Search Console – comparison with Number of clicks – increas by Number of views – increas by CTR – increas by Average position – increas by . Important elements regarding the graphics on the website that are worth paying attention to for SEO.

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What Influences The Success Of An Organization

Image names and alternative texts ALT attributes alt text are texts that describe images. It is thanks to them that visually impair people learn what is on the graphic, because some browsers dicat to this group of recipients read the ALT BU Leads parameter. Google also uses them to find out what the content of an image is. To name your images appropriately, think of users, not bots. The name of the graphic adequate to its content is very important. Robots have increasingly develop image recognition skills, but they are still not as good as the human eye. We serve content for people, so we should name images with them in mind.

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