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For example, online printers usually do not have because they do not ne ; good visibility in Google Images. Users, in the case of this type of services, more often use a traditional search engine on the web. However, if such a printing house runs a blog and publishes articles like “How to prepare files for printing”, it can also get traffic from the Google image search engine, because users will be interest in a visual example, . regarding bles in files for printing. If you want to examine the potential of visibility in Google graphics, you should individually check the traffic obtain on the website using Google Search Console.

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It is also worth considering whether the images are available to Google robots and the form in which we provide them. The initial state of the graphics on the page Before the changes were implement, the Client had well-nam products both in URL Botswana Email List paths, as well as supplement image alternative texts alt attributes. However, we notic a large number of duplicate alt attributes of the images, which made some of the images indistinguishable for search engine robots despite a different URL. Domywstylu – Graphics – Google Search Console source.

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Domywstylu – Graphics – Google Search Console The Domywstylu website is a large e-commerce site, where we record from several to several thousand users a day. Therefore, in order to make changes quickly, we could not afford to manually BU Leads optimize the photos. We want to add more keywords from the product categories and individual features that are in the attributes to the alternative texts. The change was to increase the variety of descriptions available to robots, which in turn would contribute to increasing the visibility of graphics. The scheme allow developers to introduce changes to the website using a script.

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