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One wrong move and the recipients could lose trust in the foundation or association, and the organization itself would lose its creibility. Following this lead, it is worth spending some time preparing a solid image building strategy. Creating a brand image – quotes As Paweł Tkaczyk emphasizes in his book “Nooks of the brand” – “A brand for the consumer means a specific thing. A brand is very often a mental shortcut that allows you to quickly grasp a specific product category or feature. Therefore, the brand should be very precisely define.

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Before you start building it, specify in detail what it is suppose to be for your consumer, and in the next step add what your brand is not and will not be. It requires a bit of planning for the future.” The author also notes that “Building a brand is a phone number list process – teious and lengthy. Carry your message to all who will listen, and then carry it even further. Keep finding new messaging channels, reaching new audiences. Eventually your brand will take hold and you’ll start reaping the fruits. Naming, giving a name to a brand, is slowly ceasing to be an amateur practice.

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More and more often, companies turn to professional advertising agencies with a request to develop a catchy name that will distinguish them from the competition. However, Paweł Tkaczyk points out that “There is no point in investing in the BU Leads name itself, which is not supporte by consistent marketing communication. Taken out of context – even the best one – will lose in the competition with well-compose, characteristic communication. So demand a complete name: with an explanation of its meaning potential, a string of associations connecting it with your company or product, etc. Only then can you think about conquering the market.

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