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Jan Wiktor in “Marketing Communication” adds that “marketing communication channels are a way and means of reaching the recipient with a message.” In order to reach the recipient with a given message, appropriate marketing communication channels are use. They are divide into: persons seller, sales representative), meia press, radio, television, Internet, traditional mail, mobile telephony), places shop, means of transport, call center hotlines, mobile customer service points, special events, exhibitions at fairs). When choosing the basic division of communication channels propose by Garbarski, one should carefully analyze what is include in each of the three categories.

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According to Garbarski, “the meia are standardize channels of communication with a mass impact, they have specific characteristics and reach, which is stable and preictable. are use for virtually all activities involving marketing communication whatsapp mobile number list tools.” Meia includes both electronic and printe meia. We recommend PR goals – how to achieve them? “Places are a communication space, most often of a visual, sound or smell nature. There are many forms that promotion tools can take in this communication channel.” The last channel, which is people “can spread information about product brands, new products or encourage a purchase.

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Word of mouth is use for personal selling and informal communication.” Common elements of marketing communication channels Another division is propose by Barbara Szymoniuk in “The Spherical Model of Marketing Communication”, dividing BU Leads marketing communication channels into personal and non-personal. Personal channels allow direct contact with the recipient, for example, sales representatives, vendors, agents, consultants, doctors, family, friends, neighbors, etc. Non-personal channels are meiums that convey a message without face-to-face contact, such as mass meia, meia use in points of sale, events.

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