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One that will professionally deal with the subject of the company’s image and, as a result, will accelerate business development. The image of your company is of great importance in the development of your business – contact us , we will take care of it effectively. Negative image of the company and its effects The company’s image is affecte by a number of various internal and external factors. One negative opinion may mean little, but sometimes it is enough to trigger an avalanche of further unfavorable events that can lead to a real image crisis. We live in a world create by other people’s opinions.

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The Internet has allowe us to react immeiately, while at the same time providing a sense of anonymity and impunity. He made comments, whether real or made up, spread at the spee of light. Giving us little time to react properly. An important Latest Mailing Database role of people responsible for creating the image is therefore to closely monitor the meia and public opinion, including the Internet. Company image A negative image brees prejudice against the company and its offer. It strikes at the brand’s identity . Customers begin to look suspiciously at the daily activities of the company, approaching further interactions with reserve.

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The distance of potential customers results in a reuce number of transactions, which significantly affects the company’s financial results and, consequently, may lead to its collapse. The image of the company is also of great importance in perceiving BU Leads the company as an employer. Negative opinions about the company effectively deter potential candidates. According to research conducte by TalentLyft, employees are much less likely to leave companies with a strong brand. As many as 75% of people actively looking for job offers declare that before reacting to an offer, they actively look for information about the employer.

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