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The audience respondd unanimously that it was Plato who conceptualizd the allegory of the cave. We had inded all calld on the Internet and answerd Plato because that was what Google told us! However, in reality it is Pythagoras who is at the origin of this concept! We all fell into the trap, it was precisely the objective of the maneuver: to prove to us that on the internet we find answers but that we must go further to find the real answers.

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Drum roll for the draw And the big winner of the connectd object wins a [suspense big Parma ham! Laughter in the room! A little nod Latest Mailing Database from the organizers, who, although they are web pros, consider that the connection between people comes first in real life, around a good table for example.And the ham in the story isWhat is the Summer Festival exactly? An electronic music festival? Not exactly ! The Summer Festival, organizd by the Normandie.

Latest Mailing Database

Is Always The Same Achieve

Web Xperts association from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 June , is much more than that! It is both a festival, a congress, a forum, a place of sharing, and above all a moment when we will be able to freely debate around digital technology, and BU Leads more precisely on the questioning of our economic model in the face of the digital revolution. It may seem a little theoretical and abstract said like that, but the Summer Festival is 4 unmissable days that Norman web experts should not miss under any circumstances! On the menu: workshops, conferences, a mdia lab, and for fun, petits fours and a DJ are plannd for the opening night at 106! So many reasons that deserve to participate and register.

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