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It turns out that the employer’s brand is of great importance. How to create a meia image? Today, a visit to a television studio is not enough to create a meia image . The accents in the meia world are spread differently today than in the past – YouTube, social meia and your own website can be more effective. By the way, in this way, you have control over your meia image, while in the world of traditional meia, a lot depends on the lighting, eiting, setting of the station and the host, etc. It is best to combine the world of traditional and online meia , for example by sending a traditional press release to the former.

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At first, it may seem like you’re hitting a wall when you’re trying to get on the radio or television. However, it is not worth giving up, because such contacts can bear fruit even after years. At the same time, today it is often a strong database presence in social meia that guarantees a place on the couch on breakfast television. We recommend Company image – what is it and how to build it? Do you know what your image is? The meia image consists of two parts, one of which you are responsible for one hundre percent. The other is out of your control.


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The first part is all the specific actions you can take – marketing audit , research, and finally campaigns to change or maintain the image you expect. You have an impact on the communication strategy and all other elements of creating the BU Leads meia image. After that, however, you can only observe the effects and keep your fingers crosse for your project – as in the case of a child you release into the world. How customers perceive your meia image will depend on: the methods you choose, how you implemente them transmission quality, communication channels use, environment over which you have no influence (actions of competitors, world events, trends), customer expectations, your company’s previous reputation.

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