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The case of searching for multiple authors, we have quantifiers again: {AND} – and, {OR} – the, {NOT} – excludes entries by the author. If you have a person among your audience who often posts about you, with this filter you will easily find all their posts. Gender filter If you are intereste in mentions only from women or only from men, you can use the gender filter. Click the appropriate icon to get the results you are intereste in. Filter for groupe mentions In Brand24, you can assign mentions to groups you have create, which you will find on the list of filters., competition or hashtags, and then find them using filtering. It is enough to indicate among all your groups the one that you nee at the moment.

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Filter for tagge mentions In addition, if selecte mentions are extremely important to you, you can mark them, which will visually distinguish them from other entries. You can then easily find them by filtering only marke entries. This will save your time Latest Mailing Database considerably. Filter of visite results The results collecte in the dashboard are often not visible in their entirety. yourself with them and see how they look in the poste pages and social networks, just click on them to be transferre to the source entry. Such visite entries are marke in gray so that you know which places you have already visite and do not do the same work twice.

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Additionally a filter will help you find BU Leads only unvisite entries to see if you misse anything. Filter by date Another useful filter is the date filter, only mentions that have appeare in the project since your last visit. In this way, you won’t be viewing entries you’ve already seen, which will significantly affect the effectiveness of monitoring. 3 extra features to help you filter 1. Remove filters Brand24 allows you to use one filter or several at the same time.

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