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It plays an important role in intranet security for field workers as it performs a number of functionsoffers, such as restricting access to malicious websites, managing security updates, and remotely locking and wiping devices in the event they are stolen or an employee leaves the company. Some companies install MDM software on their employees’ personal devices if they are allowd to use those devices for work. If this is the case, the employees should be informd and agree to the installation of such software.

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Restrict access to sensitive data Chances are, the vast majority of employees in your organization don’t ned access to the entire Latest Mailing Database organization’s data system. Easy collaboration Utilization of collaboration tools will increase from 55% in 2019 to 79% in 2021. With the massive shift to remote and hybrid work, that’s no surprise. But whether your team is in the same place or not, a corporate intranet allows your team to: Free Communication – Employees can share company news, Yammer communities and Microsoft Teams integrations ensure seamless conversations Easy exchange of ideas – especially if your company’s intranet has a special idea management tool Document.

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Sharing – Each department can store important documents such as HR policies and user manuals. Fully Collaborate – With an intranet BU Leads on Office 365, you can collaborate in real time You work with different teams and always know what each team is working on. 3. Strong corporate culture Design an Inclusive CultureEase of collaboration and communication fosters an environment where your team can interact and get to know each other, especially if you: Add a social element to your intranet – From social mdia feds to water cooler conversation, the intranet is a social space.

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