Things to consider when writing an article

You must immediately get an adaptive layout of the site pages easy viewing on mobile devices. Regarding the addresses of the pages of the site Try to keep all URL structure If it is impossible to save addresses be sure to put down redirects from old addresses to new addresses. The content on the pages should be the same on old and new pages Page loading speed is faster than seconds.

Recommendations for layout of headings

You need to get more than points for PC on Google – PageSpeed ​​Insights Neuromarketing Hacks to Create the Most Effective Content Content Marketing Translation We present to your attention an article by the famous American marketer – Neil Patel dedicated to content marketing. Original taken from What do humans and lab rats have in common Bolivia Mobile Number List Both have a predictable pattern of behavior – we react in the same way to certain psychological stimuli. Of course people are more complex and sophisticated than laboratory rats. But in the realm of content marketing there are controls and buttons that will ensure you get what you want. I do not consider myself an expert in psychology by any means but over the years in marketing I have learned a lot about how the human mind works.

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Leveling the playing field

It turns out that we are all fairly predictable creatures. Understanding the key psychological features helps me choose the right strategies for interacting with the audience. I create content that gets them to click on links which maximizes my results. What is my secret in neuromarketing. What is neuromarketing TechTarget defines neuromarketing as follows The study of how people’s brains react to advertising and other information. associated with BU Leads brands it is the study of the process of the brain from a scientific point of view tracking the physiological reactions of a person. In general this is such a sexual word which is obtained by combining neuroscience a branch of psychology that studies the nervous system  brain and marketing.

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