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Start with personalization. Don’t start your email with Dear Blogger or Dear Influencer. It will be ignored by . of recipients. Also do not start by talking about how good or important this opportunity is for them. Instead focus on building a relationship with your influencer. Once you get started share your thoughts on the content work or experience. It’s usually a good tactic to link to a post or podcast that moved you and how that led to your decision to connect. Then make just serving as simple as possible. The offer must be clear and your desired outcome must not be veiled.

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Be honest about what kind of work an opinion DJ should do don’t beat around the bush time is precious. The simpler your request to the influencer for help the more likely you are to receive a positive response. Provide instructions sample content or images that they can use or link to. And in general do not be a burden for them. Follow a good email tone: Be short Sri Lanka Phone Number List¬†and precise. Don’t pull the feed. Try to be interested. Don’t suck up. Tell them why you want approval. Share the benefits of your project with their audience. Articulating the perfect tone takes a little practice. The first time I wrote a letter like this it was awful too long too sucky and too .obvious. As someone who gets enough content I can now easily see what will work and what won’t.

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The most important thing to keep in mind is that your letter should be short and direct. Here is an example of how I turned to Guy Kawasaki. An example of an appeal to Guy Kawasaki. Rice. An example of an appeal to Guy Kawasaki. Key points: Lead the line of intrigue to the peak address the person by name. Greet him to show that you are friendly but BU Leads keep the letter short and sweet. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the letter or simply write your name and company at the end. Research the person you’re trying to connect with and personalize your request.

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