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The idea is that the use of cognitive research allows marketers to do their job more efficiently and also ultimately increase conversions and sales while providing a positive user experience. Neuromarketing is a fairly new phenomenon it appeared in the s but in the last years this industry has received increasing attention from experts. There are even whole scientific institutions and publications dedicated to this kind of research. Of course some people are skeptical because neuromarketing often goes against the conventional wisdom.

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But in my personal experience neuromarketing is an incredibly powerful tool. Here are some specific neuromarketing tips that I would like to share with you. . Appeal to the emotions of your audience It is difficult enough to always remain logical and rational sinceĀ  we are all emotional beings. You can’t get away from this. If you can make an emotional connection South Korea Phone Numbers List with your audience then I guarantee your content will be highly influential. There is one quote that I really like – I took it from an article called “The Economy of Feelings.” Here’s how it sounds: In a crowded economy customer sentiment is the main factor influencing their buying decision.

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I think this quote just hit the bull’s-eye. Thriving brands are those brands that are able to evoke the right emotions and they hit right on target. How to appeal to the emotions of your audience To begin with you need to understand which specific emotions usually resonate the most: picture- Rice. . Most popular emotes According to a study by Odor and Buzzsumo when creating content it is best to rely on the following emotions: trembling; laughter fun; joy. To be more BU Leads specific I recommend that you use pictures and stories when creating content to evoke such emotional reactions in the user. They have an amazing effect on the limbic system of a person namely it controls the main emotions of a person. . Use images of faces You probably already noticed that in my articles I use a lot of images of people’s faces.

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