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Picture- Rice Popular keywords vs. long-tail search traffic After all if your content is truly helpful informative and meaningful it will naturally answer specific questions. Enrich the text with media pictures and videos An important point to remember about human psychology is that people are very fond of visual content. To truly connect and resonate with your audience your SEO strategy should include images and videos where it makes sense.

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According to research people process information from a picture approximately times faster than text. To quickly connect with customers and this is very important on the Internet you need to include meaningful pictures and videos. But not all videos and pictures will do. For example a post with publicly available clipart and photos from stocks will not be as effective as pictures and videos of real customers and employees. Pictures and videos make your SEO Egypt Mobile Number List strategy more effective and your content more accessible. It will be easier for the user to relate to such content. Thanks to modern technology this is easy to do. User experience In the world of SEO a lot of attention is paid to website architecture and how it affects user experience.

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They overlap a lot picture- Rice. Fig. The ratio of design and usability of the site in –. and in our days From an SEO standpoint using the right tags and organizing content in a logical way helps a lot. Developing your website layout that is consistent with the psychology of the persona will increase your chances of converting users into real customers. After all you need to make sure that they are interacting with their site and not just clicking on a link and BU Leads immediately leaving. The goal here is the following the right content catches the eye of the right person at the right time . Understanding the client’s motivation and background will make it easier for you to properly organize your content.

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