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Shutterstock is the world’s largest creative marketplace for photography illustration and video. You can imagine how much user data they have to test. But thanks to split testing it’s pretty easy for the Shutterstock team. Figure  Rice. Shutterstock website With such a huge amount of data it is possible to run experiments with statistical significance faster than those businesses that do not have such rich user data. Shutterstock knows its customers better thanks to user data which is a very valuable asset for the brand. Page elements to be split tested Start by deciding which element of your landing page needs to be improved to increase conversions.

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Understanding how to create the perfect landing page will help you identify the most important elements for split testing. An example of an ideal landing page is the Caro page which contains all the key elements for a split test. Take a look: Figure  Rice. Caro landing page with elements for split test Pick one of the elements then work on the other elements thinking Paraguay Phone Number List about  supporting the main element you want to improve. There are several elements that can be split tested: content – font style size content structure plan quantity wording and placement of content on the page. call-to-action button – you can split-test the most common ones .for example .Buy now. and .Subscribe.. Test buttons of different sizes colors with different positioning on the page and in the text.

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Social Share Button – Test buttons with different placement size and wording. logo menu bar and site icon. headings – color text and size. images – placement different image files and different composition. trust marks – i.e. secure hosting mark use of professional association trust marks VeriSign etc. Conclusion You are ready. There are no special secrets to split A/B testing. If you follow my simple advice you will quickly master this art. But if you BU Lead want to create a high converting landing page I suggest you start with your audience. Use the Shutterstock example to get to know and understand your ideal customers. Try to surpass your competitors. Then with that user data you can launch a successful testing campaign that will definitely We present to your attention a translation of an article on SEO.

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