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Download the free analytics e-book: HERE If you want to learn more about content marketing, learn how to analyze the effectiveness of content in marketing campaigns, we have a free e-book for you. The publication “Content analytics in marketing campaigns”, which we publish together with the Kohai agency , is a practical step-by-step guide from which you will learn how to improve your website. Over pages of tips, opinions from industry experts, ready-made solutions for implementation and a bonus: Google Analytics in measuring content marketing activities! Download the e-book: HERE In addition, we also invite you to watch an hour-long video interview with the authors of this publication.

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Anna Moczulska – web analytics and team leader at Sempai and Katarzyna Sikora-Protasiuk , senior content marketing specialist and team leader at Kohai. This is a conversation from which you will learn, among other things: Should companies Iceland Email List focus on content marketing and why What is the difference between content marketing and copyrighting How to properly analyze the profitability of publishing on external websites. What is the future of the written word Approximate timetable: : Content marketing and copywrighting – what’s the difference between these terms : Content marketing is not just the written word, what other forms are there Where is the written word going : Are new mia a threat to the written word : Why and when should companies focus on content marketing.

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What is effective content marketing: the point of view of an analyst and content marketer : Is internal content marketing strongly relat to SEO : Should a modern copywriter know SEO rules : External publications – how to choose websites BU Leads to bring optimal benefits : Publication duration: how long should publications be visible on an external service : Analysis of the profitability of publishing content on external websites : How do I find out how an article was consum on external sites : What additionally allows us to measure Google Analytics in the context of content marketing : Heat maps – what do they allow us to achieve : Is it possible to measure how content builds user awareness.

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