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They initially reject those ads that don’t meet the requirements. And then decide which of the other ads to show first. Find out how to outperform the competition and display your ads in the first positions. What affects ad position in Google Ads The position of your ads on Google depends primarily on Ad Rank. It consists of many elements, such as the amount of the bid, the quality of ads and landing page, ad thresholds, auction competitiveness, search context or extensions. Ad rank thresholds This is the minimum price you have to pay to display your Google Ads ad.

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If our maximum CPC bid is less than this minimum value, your ad will not run. Threshold values ​​are set dynamically during the auction bas on the Israel Email List context of the search term, location and type of device, quality and position of the ad, as well as relat auctions. Auction competitiveness These are ads competing for the same position. If they have a similar Ad Rank, they will have a similar chance of being rank in the same position. Thus, the greater the difference between the ad ranks achiev, the greater the chance that the ad with the higher rank will win the auction.

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Comprehensive Google Ads campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << The context of the search perform by the user The ad auction takes into account the user’s search context. Among other things, their location, the device they use, the time of the search or the nature of the search words are taken into account. All this to match the ads as precisely BU Leads as possible. If we want our ad to be lit only in a given area, we can set it in Google Ads in the “locations” tab. We can also add several areas and adjust the bids accordingly, depending on which one we care about the most. The same applies to devices – in the “devices” tab, you can set bid adjustments for individual types.

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