Taking care of building loyalty, it is good to use various forms of marketing – you can compete not only with good prices and promotions. It is worth considering, for example, CSR activities,social activity. In this way, you can make customers identify with your brand. There are also some well-known and proven methods that help you gain customer loyalty in a fairly simple and quick way. Special discount codes We can offer discount codes to users who return to the website after visiting it from any source. The user probably returns to our website for a reason, but we are not sure that he will make a transaction with us. If he receives a discount code from us – the chance of conversion increases.

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We can provide a discount code in banner ads (display), “come back to us and you will receive a discount”. We can also send special discount Iraq Email List codes, for leaving an opinion about a product or liking our fanpage. newsletter Each user subscribes to the newsletter of their own free will, thus becoming in some way loyal to us. So it is worth appreciating it, because thanks to this we have constant contact with him in the form of e-mail – we can send him information about upcoming promotions or news.

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It is worth encouraging the user to subscribe to the newsletter, by offering a one-time discount or promotion for subscribers. checklist cro – loyalty newsletter Source: s:marlette checklist cro – loyalty newsletter Source: s:agatameble BU Leads Special offers for regular customers In addition to discounts for people subscrib to the newsletter, it is also worth offering additional bonuses to regular customers to appreciate the fact that they make regular purchases from us. It is a good idea to use the resources of your store databases and set the criteria on the basis of which we will qualify users to this group.

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