A leap into the future with the 2021 Business

Below you will find just some of the categories present in the announcement. Advanced robotics Human machine interface 3D printing Internet of things and machines (Internet of Things – IoT) Cloud computing Cyber security Artificial intelligence Blockchain Augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D reconstructions. Digital technological supply chain solutions Technological solutions for the management and coordination of business processes. E-commerce systems Systems for smart working and teleworking. Ultra-Broadband Connectivity Technological solutions for shops 4.0 and public establishments 4.0 Mobile and/or Internet payment systems Geolocation Technological solutions for the ecological transition.

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The application The only tool Greece Telegram Number Data allowed for requesting. Business Digital Vouchers 4.0 for 2021 is the Infocamere Webtelemaco website and the submission deadline is 15 October 2021 at 2.00 pm. The Lazio Region is launching a “Digital Diagnosis Voucher” call aimed at all MSMEs that need verification of their level of digitalisation . This is an important tool for many companies that need to have an external evaluation. The possibility of being able to take advantage of professional. Consultancy that is able to analyze some particular profiles of a company. Let’s now explain in detail how it works and how to access the tender. Reserved for MSMEs First of all, Lazio Innova financing is aimed at MSMEs (Micro-enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) with operational headquarters in Lazio.

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We are therefore

Talking about companies with Iran Phone Number List fewer. Than 10 employees up to those that do not exceed 250. The amount of the balance sheet or turnover also plays a role in. The classification of the company. If you fall within these standard parameters established in 2003 by. The European Commission you can access this voucher. Digital diagnosis These companies will be able to have an in- depth analysis carried. Out to verify whether the digitalisation process of their internal organization and processes, including production ones, is at an adequate level. All types of recommended interventions. will be identified, based on the hardware and software already present. At the end of this check, not only the recommended actions will be indicated. But also an estimate of the costs for carrying out these interventions.


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