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As part of the initiatives aimed at supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, The 2021 Business 4.0 Digital Vouchers have been made available. These tools allow companies to be better adapted to accept the challenge that new technologies propose. Therefore, The procedure for receiving these vouchers is already underway and there. Is not much time left to submit the application. In these cases it is always important to receive the right. Assistance to prepare the correct documentation to attach. If you have any doubts or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us . But let’s briefly explain the meaning and objectives of this initiative.

It should be noted

That the funds made available Germany Telegram Number Data by the latter. Therefore, Body are intended for companies in Rome and its province. How it works, beneficiaries and how to apply The objective is to provide assistance to small businesses. Therefore, That often fail to adapt to new scenarios increasingly oriented towards the digital world. In this new context, these companies, despite providing great added value. In terms of the quality of their products and consolidated professionalism, risk disappearing. Therefore, Corporate Digital Vouchers 4.0 year 2021: eligible subjects The companies that can request these vouchers are the following: Micro. Small or medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) with registered office or at least one local unit in Lazio (for part of the financing in Rome and its province.

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Companies that

Have benefited from Indonesia Phone Number List contributions released. In previous editions of the Digital Voucher Notice (2017-2020) or the. Digital Innovation Notice (2020) of the Rome Chamber of Commerce are excluded from obtaining the voucher. Therefore, The destination of the expenses The expenses that can be financed with the 2021 Business 4.0 Digital Vouchers are of two types: Purchase of instrumental goods and services, including devices and connection. Costs, functional to the acquisition of the envisaged technologies. Consulting or training services relating to one or more technologies among those included in the Notice. The voucher finances up to 70% of expenses deemed eligible up to a maximum of 10,000 euros. The minimum amount of expenses foreseen for digitization is 3,000 euros excluding VAT.

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