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From 19 October 2021 it is possible to apply for the Marchi+ 2021 call. Which allows us to improve the protection of the intellectual properties of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. This initiative, together with that. Of Brevetti+ and Disegno+, also allows small businesses to defend the identity of their company. In an extremely competitive international reality. Therefore, Trademark registration and defense experts help you find the most suitable solutions. But what does Marchi+ 2021 consist of and how can we exploit the related funds made available? What is Marchi+ 2021? The General Directorate for the. Protection of Industrial Property . Therefore, UIBM of the Ministry of Economic Development and managed by. Unioncamere through the dedicated website , is promoting Marchi+2021 from 19 October.

The funds

allocated for this initiative Brazil Telegram Number Data amount to three million euros. The initiative has no time limit, but ends when the funds made available run out. The purpose of these incentives is aimed at the purchase of professional. Therefore, Services useful for the registration of company trademarks. Registration of the Measure A and Measure. Therefore, B trademarks Within this action to defend. Intellectual property there are two types of action. Therefore, Which are both facilitated by this initiative. Measure A refers to the registration of trademarks within the European. Community at the offices of the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). Therefore, Instead, the so-called Measure. B refers to the registration of trademarks. At an international level. Which is carried out at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Telegram Number Data


It should be noted

That these benefits are valid for China Phone Number List practices already filed and for which. The relevant registration fees have already been paid. The amounts available for Marchi+ 2021 Depending on the type of trademark registration being requested. Therefore, There are different types of incentives made available. As regards Measure A, 50% of the eligible expenses incurred for filing fees and 80% of the eligible. Expenses incurred for the acquisition of the specialist services indicated in the notice are financed. Therefore, For Measure B, 80% (90% for USA or CHINA) of the eligible. Expenses incurred for the acquisition of the specialist services provided for in the tender regulations are financed.


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