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Companies that are active and in good standing with registration in the Company Register and are not late in paying the annual fee. Therefore, Those who have not received funding under the 2020 Digital Voucher Call. Therefore, The figures made available by the Foggia Chamber of Commerce Thanks to the tender, 344,065.60 euros were made available to businesses. Which are divided into two separate blocks. The first is 140,000.00 euros and concerns the grouping of “Measure A” and the other of 204,065.60 euros assigned to companies interested in “Measure B”. The first is reserved for groups of companies ranging from a minimum of 3 to 20 and the application is sent by one of the associated companies.

In case of acceptance

Each individual company will France Telegram Number Data receive up to a maximum of 5,000.00 euros. The second part of the financing is reserved for individual companies that submit. The application independently. The percentages and destination of the expenditure. Therefore, The financing takes the form of a non-repayable voucher. Which covers up to 70% of the expected. Expenditure with a limit of 5,000 euros. Therefore.  A minimum investment of 3,000 euros must be certified in the request. The spending direction envisaged. By the tender concerns the so-called “Enabling.Therefore,  Technologies of. Which you can find the correct description in this document .

Telegram Number Data


Trying to summarize

Here are some investment India Phone Number List categories foreseen by the 2021 Digital Voucher Call of the Foggia Chamber of. Therefore, Commerce: advanced and collaborative robotics. Therefore, Human machine interface. additive manufacturing and 3D. Printing. internet of things and machines. cyber security e business continuity. Therefore, Big data e analytics. artificial intelligence. blockchain. e-commerce systems. systems for smart working and teleworking. Ultra-Broadband connectivity. For companies with a legality rating, a 5% bonus is provided, while for female companies a 10% bonus is provided. Where to apply and submission deadlines The request to participate in the 2021 Digital Voucher Notice of the Foggia Chamber of Commerce must be submitted via the Telemaco Web platform and expires at 9 pm on 30 October 2021.


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