How to access the Digital Diagnosis Voucher?

Eligible analyst firms The aforementioned analysis must be carried out by a duly certified and authorized consultancy company . The exact characteristics of the companies admitted to carrying out digital diagnosis are . Therefore, One of the 45 National Hubs nominated by Italy for the European call for the selection of the. European Digital Innovation Hubs; be part of the 8 Competence Centers referred to in the national Enterprise 4.0 Plan; be one of the 27 Technology. Transfer Centers certified on Industry 4.0 issues; an innovation manager registered. Therefore, In the appropriate list; other legal entities capable of guaranteeing adequate professionalism and independence. Therefore, Namely: who have created at least 10 digital diagnosis services. On behalf of companies i that are not controlled by or do not control, directly or indirectly. Companies providing hardware, software or digital solutions.

Lazio Innova Digital

Diagnosis Voucher – The amounts Hong Kong Telegram Number Data Speaking of figures. The Lazio Region has allocated 5 million euros for the granting of the voucher. Those interested in this tool must plan to spend between 10,000 and 15,000 euros . Therefore, The contribution is non-repayable in the amount of 70% of the eligible costs. Requests for projects under 10,000 euros are not accepted. How to access the Digital Diagnosis Voucher? To access this financing it is necessary to submit an application. Therefore, On the GeCoWeb Plus website complete. Therefore, With the cost estimate for the Digital Diagnosis created by one of the authorized consultancy companies. The preliminary investigation phase will verify three points.

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The company

Must be in possession of the Italy Phone Number List required requirements (be an MSME with operational headquarters in Lazio). Therefore, The consultancy company authoring the Digital Diagnosis must be recognized. Based on the parameters indicated in the announcement. The cost estimate must be appropriate for the service and the size of the company being analyzed. When the voucher is granted, the company must sign the. Digital Diagnosis supply contract and send it to Lazio Innova within 15 days. Within six months it will then be necessary to send the result of the analysis. The invoice from the consultancy company and proof of payment thereof.Resto al Sud 2021 proposes a scheme to help new entrepreneurial activities in regions of Italy where private companies are endemically scarce.


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