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HOW TO SET UP GOOGLE SITEMAP FOR YOUR WORDPRESS SITE. Setting up Google Sitemap for your WordPress site is simple and can be done in a few simple steps. First, you ne to install and activate the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. Once installation and activation is complete, the plugin will automatically create a sitemap. File for your WordPress site. Second, create a sitemap file on your server. You can do this by creating a new text file call sitemap and placing it in the root directory of your WordPress site or in the public_html directory on your FTP server.

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Third, copy the sitemap.xml URL into your sitemap file so that Googlebot can find it and index the pages of your WordPress site. Fourth, add the URL Zambia Email List to the sitemap file to the Google Search Console (GSC) panel. Once you’ve add the URL to GSC, you can validate the Google Sitemap setup for your WordPress site using GSC’s diagnostic tools or third-party SEO tools. Google Sitemap is a tool that allows webmasters to easily create and update sitemaps. It also allows the use of nofollow tags for links, which allows search engines to understand which links to ignore when indexing pages.

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Nofollow tags are especially useful for sites with a lot of links because they allow search engines to focus on the most important links. In this way, youBU Leads  can ensure that the page is better index and more visible in search results. WHERE TO STUDY MARKETING? Studying marketing is an excellent way to acquire the knowlge and skills ne to successfully manage brands, products and services. Marketing studies offer a wide range of knowlge that can be us to create marketing strategies, plan advertising campaigns and build strong brands. Choosing the right place to study marketing is an important part of success.

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